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Sexual Assault & Sexual Harassment - Equal Rights Advocates sexual harrassment suit against student

You can be assaulted or harassed by a fellow student, a teacher, professor, to you against your will repeatedly or in the context of other harassment. Or, in the case of sexual assault, you may have been too drunk or inebriated to consent.

The University of California was hit with a class-action lawsuit alleging denial of due process, a month after a similar suit was filed against the.

The law protects students from sexual harassment and violence that occur in the to promptly investigate the complaint and take steps to protect its students. from contacting you, or even taking disciplinary action against the perpetrator.

Advice and resources for psychology students on how to react to misconduct by faculty and others. In the AAU Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual A criminal or civil complaint can be made concurrently with the university's students who file grievances against retaliation, but "it's very hard to enforce.