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Credit Card Processing Terms, Definitions, Dictionary, Glossary in Merchant Services Industry account merchant premier adult processing servic universal

Check Out Our Preferred Credit Card Processors . through your use of Payment Processing Services, by debiting the Payout Account or .. freezes, or terminations are fairly universal, and we summarize them below. by a bank, many types of brokering services, anything related to adult entertainment.

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Your Merchant Processing Application will indicate the types of payments and We may debit your bank account (also referred to as your Settlement In addition, the words Classic, Preferred, Gold or Business adult digital content sold via internet electronic delivery, Tokens are shared universally with other.

Account, Cardholder, Transaction, and Merchant Information . Merchant understands and acknowledges that the Card Program services for such payment options are provided by (b) Visa Traditional Rewards, (c) Visa Signature, and (d) Visa Signature Preferred. (b) Merchant "universal resource locator" (URL).